About Us


We, Tuna Paradise Co.Ltd, are an experienced and responsible seafood processor. We believe in Sustainability, Food Safety, Business Ethics and Customer Service. Spanning over a land area of 6400 square metres, we are Located just off Thailand's Sunny holiday paradise, better known as Phuket Island. Regardless of whichever part of the world you may be in, Being a stone's throw from Phuket's international airport, we are able to deliver fresh seafood to you by air. Our-60 degree Super Freezers enables us to provide you with the Highest quality of frozen seafood processed and packed under international HACCP standards.


Most importantly, the back bone of our company is the dedication and quality of our people. Our dynamic team of dedicated staff, will listen to you and study with you possibilities and options on how you can get the highest quality product at the lowest possible prices on a regular basis. In current times when the economy is subject to sudden and serious fluctuations and food safety gaining more attention, we see the importance in working together as a team with our customers and our suppliers. We believe in transparency and honesty in what we do and we love people. It is no wonder that our very first customers and our very first suppliers are still in business with us today.


With our open minds and willingness to learn, we are always open to develop new products with our customers. We believe in providing Healthy and Quality Seafood and in growing together with our customers and suppliers. When you work with us, you will not walk away with just another business deal, but with the start of a Business Relationship.





To make Tuna Paradise a name synonymous with good, healthy, safe and reliable seafood.





To constantly supply good, clean and sustainable seafood products at competitive prices, while providing a stable source of growth and income for all our staff and their families and positively contributing to our community.