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Japanese Yellowtail – Hamachi/Buri (Seriola Quinqueradiata)



Japanese Yellowtail – Hamachi/Buri (Seriola Quinqueradiata)

Hamachi or Buri is mostly found in the Pacific Ocean. The fingerlings of the Buri is caught from the Ocean and placed in sea-cages where they are farmed and fattened by experienced and skilled farmers. Buri has to be at least 4-5kgs before they are processed to be exported. BURI has a white creamy texture and buttery flavour. This is a favourite Japanese sashimi cuisine especially during the winter periods whereby the fish contains the most fat. All our Hamachi/Buri is air freighted into Thailand straight from out of the best Hamchi/Buri farm in Japan. The farm is HACCP certified and most popular in the Japanese local market.


• Fresh Natural Sashimi (by request)


Our Fresh Buri is airflown direct from the farm and reaches our end buyers within 2 days of catch.


• Frozen Premium Sashimi


Our Premium Buri is the most popular option for buyers. It is air flown to our factory direct from the farm and the full flavor and freshness is locked into the meat by our -50 degrees freezing. It is also portion cut to enable you to use only the amount that you need.



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