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Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica)


Marlin, also known as Kajiki in Japanese, has been used traditionally in Japenese sashimi cuisine for a long time. The meat is either white or orange and it has a soft mild flavor.



Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica) Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica) Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica)


Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica) Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica)



• Frozen Premium Sashimi


Our tasteless smoked sashimi Marlin is processed from freshly caught fish from the deep sea.


• Frozen Non-Sashimi


- Our frozen natural Marlin is frozen immediately upon catch on the vessel. Once at our factory it is never defrosted but instead processed to steaks, loins or others whilst in it’s frozen state.





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